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10 Tips for Bossing Up: Takeaways from our Boss Up Brunch

Charisse Fields

This past Sunday, we had a blast in LA hosting our first ever Boss Up Brunch! We all left encouraged and inspired as our three panelists shared some powerful messages about living in your purpose and being a BOSS!

Sad you missed out? Don't worry, we got ya covered.

Here are 10 Takeaways from our Boss Up Brunch:

Trust your purpose and follow your heart.

Having faith in your dreams is essential. Our panelist Vic Styles drove to LA with $350 to her name to follow her dreams of being a stylist. Her parents didn't quite understand, and it wasn't always easy... but she found her way. Sometimes, the only one that has to understand your vision is you.

Everything is Negotiable.

Our panelist Asia David of Die Free Studios made an important point when she urged us not to give up every time you hear "no." Everything in life is negotiable, and you can learn to make any situation work for you with a little negotiating skills. Finess, girl. Finess! 

Be Flexible

All of our panelists stressed the importance of being flexible when running a business. The world is constantly changing, and if you don't learn to change with it...you'll be left behind. Don't be afraid to let your plans evolve.

Bossin' Ain't Easy

All of our panelists are workaholics, and they believe you have to be if you want to make it as your own boss. While many see the entrepreneurship life as an endless cycle of vacations and margaritas on the beach, the reality is that it's a lot of responsibility...and a lot of work.

F*CK your Plan B

Vic Styles gave us reality check when she encouraged us to ditch our plan B, and focus on our Plan A...our passions. Many of us spend years and years building lives outside of the things we really want to do for the sake of being comfortable or having a "back-up" if our real dreams don't work out. However, by the time we feel ready to go for our dreams, we're already drained, comfortable and often times complacent. Go for Plan A first!

Don't Expect Overnight Success

It's common to see people's success stories..but we don't often see the struggle it took for those people to get there. Each of our panelists stressed that you can't go into the girl boss world and expect instant success. It takes time, patience, consistency and persistence. Do it for the love, not for an immediate paycheck.

Discipline is Key

Being your own boss comes with freedom, but you can't abuse it if you want to meet your goals. Asia shared that she learned early in career that she needed to learn discipline. 

Speak and Act with Confidence

The way you speak of yourself and carry yourself is exactly how others will you perceive you. So speak with confidence, keep your head up, and keep those hand shakes strong. Don't underplay your accomplishments and ideas...speak highly of the things you're doing! Your business may be small, but it's still a business! Like DJ Khalid would say...don't ever play yourself!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Collaboration and support between businesswomen can truly move mountains. As women, it's crucial to have each other's back and support each other to succeed. 

Just Start.

All of our panelists agreed that the best time to start living your dreams is NOW. Start where you are. There's really nothing to it but to, literally, do it. 


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