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Charisse Fields

We met Dallas entrepreneur, Tiereny and immediately admired her. Aside from being a full-time nurse, Tiereny is a web designer, fashion blogger, brand influencer and owner of online optique boutique known as shopstassi.com. This girl has got it going on and we had to honor her! Get to know a personal side of her here and see why we love this boss lady so much...

Who are you?

"I’m kind of a multi-tasker, jack of all trades. RN by day, freelance graphic designer, entrepreneur and stylist. Anyone that knows me knows I’m always on the go with a million things going on."

What gets you up in the morning?

Coffee! And opportunity. Any day that I can make a sale or expand my businesses in anyway. Usually I spent all night coming up with new ideas that I want to put into action.


What’s your personal life philosophy?

It’s the simple things that matter and you always can bounce back from whatever is thrown at you so keep it moving because life ALWAYS goes on. I really try to keep a positive outlook because your thoughts frame your world and try not to let things I can’t control stress me out.


How would you describe your style?

My style is a mix some days between modern androgyny and really girly. I’m on both ends of the spectrum but I tend to stick to dark or neutral colors when it comes to my preferred color palette. I like simplicity and clean lines. Every now and then I’ll add a statement piece like a hot pair of shoes or a bag.


What would constitute a perfect day?

A perfect day for me is just the freedom to design and create with no interruptions. All I need is coffee, a good space, good music and Wi-Fi! 


Name three people, dead or alive, that you’d like to invite to dinner?

Rihanna – she does no wrong in my book. I’m OBSESSED with her style & “I don’t care what you think” attitude, plus we’re both Pisces!

Kanye – his creativity is on another level. True visionary.

Addison from Grey’s Anatomy –she’s obviously only a character but I wanted to be her so bad.


What would your very last meal entail?

I’m a fat kid on the inside, I LOVE food! It would definitely have to be a buffet of all my favorites. I’d need everything from sushi, shrimp tacos, mac and cheese to raspberry sherbet and margaritas.


If you were a song which one would you be?

I’d probably be more like a mixtape with ratchet tracks from Future and Young Thug all the way to something super emotional from Drake.


Tell us a secret.

I’m a terrible texter and I think a lot of people believe I’m a people person but I’m actually pretty introverted and I love being home. Crowds of people scare me.


Your favorite quote?

“Focus on Overdrive, Style on Overdressed.”

 I came up with it for my Instagram but it describes me to a T.


Your proudest moment?

I honestly don’t think I’ve hit it yet. It’s going to fall somewhere between getting my Masters and getting married to my boyfriend!


What is your current state of mind?

Just focusing on me. Setting goals and reaching them. Life has changed from worrying about the turn up to worrying about baking cookies, interior decorating and a quiet life lol.


Knowing what you know today, what advice would you give yourself?

SLOW DOWN! I’m 28 now and  I got skipped a couple of grades in school so all of my friends were way older than me and I was always trying to keep up with them, but now I wish I had enjoyed some things a little longer on my own time because now all I think about is almost being 30. Also, no matter how annoying she can be sometimes, I always find myself wishing I’d listened to my mom’s advice instead of being hardheaded!

 Tiereny in the E+R Nazani swim set.

Tiereny in the E+R Nazani swim set.