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Rose Water #Obsessed

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DIY- Rose Water

Why we love it?

We have been obsessed with rose water lately and no wonder because its everywhere, but why do people love it so much? Not only does rose water make your skin smell amazing and can double as a natural perfume, rose water has a lot of benefits for maintaining healthy clear skin! 

Use it for:

  • skin/face toner
  • acne
  • anxiety relief/relaxation

I love to use it in the morning after I first wash my face or after a workout to refresh my skin.  You can use it as a hydrator and keep it in your purse for the summer on those hot days.


  • Mini Spray bottle
  • Distilled clean water
  • Fresh rose petals that are free of chemicals or pesticides

E+R Method-Hot Water Infusion: Place rose petals in a jar or mug, pouring boiling water over it, allow it to sit for several hours. (Make sure container is sealed while sitting)


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