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Coconut Magic

Charisse Fields

Coconut Oil is life! It has been making our world go round for quite some time now and we are so happy to share with you all why. We know spring/summer is around the corner and all of you beauties are on a mission to get that body summer ready, but why not get your skin in shape too. Coconut oil does 1 thing and its the key ingredient to a flawless body: That is having healthy and beautiful naturally glowing skin! (without all of the extra chemicals that live in most moisturizers.)

We use coconut oil for literally EVERYTHING!

+For instance, when Im running out of the house and Im wearing a dress I always break for coconut oil because it leaves my legs with a polished beautiful shine. 

+When you don't have time to get a mani or pedi rub coconut oil on your cuticles to keep your nails looking fresh to hold you over for your next appointment.

+We know long hot showers are must, but ever notice that the heat from the water drys out your skin, an easy fix is to lather your body in coconut oil and wipe the excess off with a small hand towel. Your skin will look amazing we promise. 

+Lips are too dry? Dab some coconut oil on then follow with your normal lip routine.

+Use is to remove my stubborn eye makeup and eyelash glue (insert praise jesus emoji here) Yes! Its a life savor because it will get every single bit of left over makeup leaving your eyes fresh and clean. (it also moisturizes your eyelashes and promotes growth for longer lashes)

+The humidity is frizzing up your hair? Kill the frizz with a touch of coconut oil by combing a tiny dab into your hair.

There are a million uses for this including cooking but these are some of our favs. If you love it let us know and share with your girls @emmiandreese